How to create a contact list in HostPapa Connect

Before you can add contacts or send an email campaign using HostPapa Connect, you must create at least one contact list.

For an easy-to-follow example of how to create a contact list in HostPapa Connect, watch our video tutorial:

Here’s how to create a contact list:

  1. Go to Contacts > Lists > All.
  2. Click the button for Create list at the top right of the screen.
  3. Fill in the List name field.
  4. Fill in the Description field (optional).
  5. The EasyCast address and List owner email fields are particularly useful if you want to send this list to an email reader outside of HostPapa Connect, such as Outlook, AOL, Yahoo!, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.
  6. Next, select your List type. List types define the way a list is used by you and how they will be seen (or not seen) by the public:
    • Internal lists: Internal or “hidden” lists are organized outside of HostPapa Connect. Internal lists are brought into the system for the sole purpose of organizing and sending email messages. People would not subscribe to an internal list via your website or via any other public-facing option.
    • Public lists: The general public can subscribe to public lists through your subscription centre. If a contact has subscribed to at least one public list in your account, that contact has the ability to view all public lists in your account, including public lists to which they have not yet subscribed.
    • Private list: Only members may join private lists. Alumni lists are a good example of lists well suited for this option. Individuals cannot join an alumni list just because they want to; they have to be an alumni first. Members of private lists can still unsubscribe through the subscription centre, but only administrators can add contacts to private lists.
    • Test lists: Test lists are set up to test your messages. Test lists are private lists with a different label to help you distinguish them.
    • Click Submit.

You have now created a list and can now add contacts.


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