How to create a date custom field triggered campaign in HostPapa Connect

Date custom field triggered campaigns send out emails based on a date custom field that you have stored for your contacts.

Example: If you store contacts’ birthdays, you could set HostPapa Connect to automatically send greetings 3 days before their special day. Or, if you store an annual membership renewal date for each contact subscribed to your “Members” list, you could send an automatic reminder that membership renewals are coming up soon.

You also have the ability to schedule the time of day you want this email to be sent. For example, you may find that your recipients tend to read your emails later in the evening, in which case you can set the triggered campaign to deploy during evening hours.

For an example of how to set up triggered campaigns, watch our video tutorial or follow the steps below:

Here’s how to create a date custom field triggered campaign:

  1. Create a new Campaign.
  2. Choose Triggered as the campaign type.
  3. The next window will ask you to select either a List subscription or Date custom field triggered email. Choose Date custom field.
  4. Enter the Setup information.
  5. Use current year: This allows you to ignore the year you may use for a date custom field. You would use this, for example, when you want to send a happy birthday email. Let’s say your customer’s birthday was April 21, 1977, and that’s how you enter the birthday inside the custom field. Setting up your triggered campaign to send 5 days before the birthday would tell the system to send an email on April 16, 1977, which has already passed. However, using the Use current year option will tell the system to send the email 5 days before April 21 each year.
  6. You can add additional conditions by filling out the Advanced conditions section.
  7. Click Save & Next >>.
  8. Now you simply need to follow the steps to set up your campaign, by adding Details and content, and finalizing your email in Proofing and testing.
  9. Once your triggered campaign is fully set up, simply select Activate at the top right of your screen (this button will be greyed out until all pieces of the triggered campaign are set up).

Learn more about how to create a new campaign


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