How to create a multivariate split campaign in HostPapa Connect

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To create a multivariate split campaign in HostPapa Connect:

  1. Navigate to Campaigns > Create and select Multivariate (A/B) Splits.
  2. Select your campaign recipients. Decide how many splits you want and how many of your recipients to devote to each split.
  3. Select the Splits tab. Choose your split size; use the slider to increase or decrease split size. Add or remove splits with the click of a button. Depending on the number of recipients selected, you can create up to 26 splits.For this example, we’ll create 2 splits – Split A and Split B. The remaining contacts are reserved for the winning split, to be decided once you’ve analyzed and compared the performance of Split A and Split B.
  4. Select the Details tab. Click on the link titled Split, found beneath the subject, sender email address, and sender name fields.Bonus: If you use Google Analytics tracking, you can even split your Google Analytics tracking codes so you can differentiate which traffic came from which split.For this test campaign, try splitting on everything you can. This allows the most variation possible in our testing. However, you can choose whatever combination of splitting that works best to achieve your end goal.
  5. Select the Content tab. Before you get started, here is a quick tip. If you choose to create unique content for each split, do so using the conditional content feature. You can either access this through the template or simply select Editor as your email campaign type and the conditional content icon (IF) from the WYSIWYG editor toolbar to get started.From the drop-down menu of options for designing your conditional content, select split_letter. Enter the split letter of the split for which you’d like to enter content. You can even include HTML and RSS tokens within your conditional content blocks. For this example, we’ll create unique content for each split in the headline and the body of the campaign.Split the headline
    Start by selecting your campaign type as Template. If you are in the editor, you will need to click on Change Content Type just above the HTML Tab.NOTE: If you change the type of campaign, all content entered and edits made will be lost.

    Select a template for your campaign. Click on the headline text to edit the headline content. Now create headlines specific for each split by clicking on IF and using the conditional content feature.

    Split the body content
    Now do the same thing, but inside your main body content block. Add the HTML for a unique image for each split too. By adding the simple HTML for an image inside your conditional content block, you can accomplish this goal.

  6. Review your splits. Once you’re ready to view your splits, you can click Save & Next to advance to the Proofing tab. Here you will be able to select your split letter from a drop-down menu to preview each of your splits and their content.
  7. Send or schedule your splits. After advancing to the testing tab and sending yourself a test of each split, you’re probably ready to move on to the Send or schedule screen.Click on the button for Send or schedule, and you’ll be prompted to send your splits now or schedule them for later. You may want to experiment with sending one split on Wednesday morning and one split on Friday afternoon to help analyze the best time of day or week to send your campaigns to achieve maximum results.
  8. Schedule your winning split automatically. If you’d like to manually review your split results after sending and select a winning split based on desired performance metric after careful review, skip to Manually review your results and choose a winner.If you’d prefer to remove this manual step from the process, you have the option to schedule your winning split automatically based on a predetermined performance metric.When asked How would you like to choose the winner?, select the drop-down menu option for automatically. You can select to send your winning split based on Most clicks then opens, Most clicks, Most opens, or Most replies.Schedule the time to send your winning split, keeping in mind that HostPapa Connect requires at least 24 hours to aggregate your click, open, and reply data, to ensure your winning split is chosen as accurately as possible.
  9. Manually review your results and choose a winner. After you’ve sent your campaign, you can now navigate to Campaigns > View > MV Split and view your split performance.To view how the split results compared to each other, go to the Comparison report. You can select the report icon or simply select the link titled “Choose a winner…” beneath your campaign name.Now the fun part: review your split performance and simple campaign metrics in the Comparison report. Select a winner based on the performance metric of your choice.
  10. Send your winner! Below the comparison report, you can select to Send or schedule winning split. In addition to reviewing performance metrics, you can select the Review button to preview your split content before making your final decision on your winner.Important notes about picking your winner:
    Once you select your winner, you can’t change your mind! You will be directed immediately to the Send or schedule page after clicking Send or schedule winning split.You cannot edit your winning split, so your content will remain exactly as it was when you sent the split. Use the Review button to review the content of the split before making your final decision.


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