How to enable the double opt-in list feature in HostPapa Connect

A double opt-in list provides two levels of confirmation for your contact. To join a double opt-in list, a contact must confirm the subscription by clicking an activation link that gets sent to his or her email address.

  1. To enable the Double opt-in list feature, you must create a public or private list type under list type, you will then be given the option to make the list a double opt-in, select Yes.
    Read more about how to create a new list

  2. Once you select Yes, a section will appear beneath the List type options titled Opt-in confirmation message.
    You can chose to keep the default confirmation message, or you can customize the sender’s email address, subject, and message.


This message must contain the confirmation URL, which is the link the recipient must click on to subscribe to the double opt-in list. The token for the confirmation URL is {confirm_url}. By default, the message provided for you will include the confirmation URL token with hyperlinked text titled Click here to confirm your subscription.

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