How to upload files to the Internet

When an Internet browser visits your website, the first thing it does is search your /public_html folder for a file called “index.” It can be index.htm, index.html, index.php, or have another ending, but the main part will be called “index,” with a lower-case “i.” If an index file is found, this is displayed in the Internet browser automatically. Most websites use this index file as the website’s home page. You can view the /public_html folder yourself by using your cPanel’s File Manager. You can use a variety of methods to publish your index file.

To upload to your primary domain, you will also need your FTP login information and settings from your HostPapa welcome e-mail.

If you are uploading to an addon domain, please read this article to determine your settings:

FTP Programs
The most popular way to publish files to the web is by using an FTP (file transfer protocol) program. These programs create a link between your computer and the server that hosts your account, allowing you to copy and paste (or click and drag) your website files to your HostPapa hosting space. Many FTP programs, including FileZilla, ws_FTP, and CuteFTP are free or have free trials. You just need to download the program and install it.

For more information, please read these articles:

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Video tutorials on using FTP programs:

Web Design Program’s Built-In File Transfer Feature
FTP programs are also included in web building software, such as Dreamweaver. There are far too many programs available for us to provide instructions for all of them, but here are some articles for the most popular:

How can I upload my webfiles using FTP in Dreamweaver?

How do I upload my site using Microsoft Publisher?

How do I publish my iWeb site?

cPanel’s File Manager
You may upload your files directly from within cPanel by using the File Manager (in the “Files” icon group). You can find a video tutorial for the File Manager here:

We suggest you do not use File Manager if you have a large number of files to upload. File Manager uploads only one file at a time and will not let you select entire folders. This can be a very long process unless you can create a compressed (zip) file to upload your entire website at once.


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