How to access your Google Drive files from any device

If you work on the road or often use different devices other than your home computer, you’ll want to make sure you can access all the important files you’ve uploaded to your Google Drive from anywhere. Once your files have synced, you can access them from any browser on any device.

How to access Google Drive from a web browser (any device):

  1. Install any web browser
  2. Go to

How to access Google Drive from a desktop computer:

  1. Install Google Drive for Mac/PC at
  2. Open the Google Drive folder on your desktop.

By installing Google Drive, the Google Drive folder will be saved in a default location on your computer (unless you choose to save it in a specific folder). The default path to find your Google Drive folder is:

PC:  C:/Users/your username/Google Drive
Mac:  /Users/your username/Google Drive

NOTE: You won’t be able to backup and sync using the Linux operating system as Google doesn’t provide the official client, but you can access Google Drive on the web via or install one of the third-party clients.

How to access Google Drive from a mobile or tablet device:

  1. Install the Drive app from the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS)
  2. Open the Drive app on your smartphone or tablet

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