How to add images in WordPress

WordPress is equipped with powerful media management features that make working with images a cinch.

You can add images to posts and pages directly while editing or upload them to the media library first before inserting them into your communications.

Adding images via the post or page editor

While editing a post or a page, use the Add Media button to upload your images.

Add media button

You can drag and drop your JPEG, GIF or PNG files directly onto the Insert Media screen or click the Select Files button to browse and select the images on your PC.

Select files button

Select one or multiple files to upload to WordPress in a batch. Once uploaded, your images will be displayed as thumbnails. You can highlight a single image and edit its Attachment Details on the right of the page, adding a Title, Caption, Alt Text, and Description as required.

Attachment details

Underneath, note the Display Settings available. You can adjust the Image Alignment, navigate readers to the media file, attachment page or custom URL when the image is clicked and select a preset size for the file.

Display settings

WordPress also includes a basic image editor, which you can access by clicking the Edit Image link at the top right of the page.

Image editor

Features include image rotation and mirroring, scaling to dimensions of your choice and image cropping. When you’ve completed your edits, click Insert into post to add the image to your post or page.

Post editor

Alternatively, you can highlight multiple images, then add all of them into your post or page where they’ll be displayed inline. A neater solution is to use the Create Gallery option, which allows you to embed image galleries on the page.

Create gallery

You can customize the number of columns and thumbnail size to fit your content. Installing the WordPress Jetpack plugin extends image gallery features further, supporting carousels, slideshows, and tiled galleries. It’s well worth the look.

Adding images via the Media Library

You can also add images in WordPress at any time using the Media Library. Head to Media > Add New in the dashboard sidebar to upload your pictures.

Add new link

Once again, you can drag and drop files directly onto the Insert Media screen or click the Select Files button to navigate to the images on your PC.

Upload new media

Adding images via FTP

If you have many images to upload to WordPress, you may prefer to use an FTP client. Any photos uploaded to the /wp-content/uploads subfolder will be accessible in the media library. Once uploaded, head to Media > Library to view your files. Filters and a search bar are available at the top of the page to help you find the files you need.

Media library search bar

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