How to manage repositories with Git

In this article, you will learn how to create, clone, delete and view repositories without SSH access.  How to view my repositories with Git Login to your HostPapa Dashboard. Go to My cPanel, scroll down to the Files section and select Git Version Control. The Git Version Control panel will […]

Domain Registration and Transferring: .IE domains

Important to Remember Regulator:  IE Domain Registry – IEDR HostPapa’s Partner Registrar: InterNetX  Domain details may not be visible in HostPapa Dashboard: Contact details can not be updated in the Dashboard; Name servers can not be updated in the Dashboard; A ticket is requested with Domains Department. Registration Registration period: […]

HostPapa Explains: WordPress Excerpt

A WordPress excerpt is a summary of a long article, and it is normally used as an alternative to displaying the full content of a post on the blog index and archives.  Displaying a full article is not practical. With excerpts, you can only show short summaries: Will My Theme […]

HostPapa Explains: WordPress Shortcodes

Shortcodes in WordPress are bits of code that help you do certain things very easily. They started to function in WordPress 2.5 and made it very convenient to execute code inside WordPress pages, widgets, and posts without writing any actual code.  You can use it to embed files or to […]

HostPapa Explains: WordPress Revisions

If you want to go back to an earlier version of your WordPress post, revisions can help you do that. Revisions and autosaves are saved versions of your post, custom post type or page, and you can easily access them whenever needed.  We will show you how to undo changes […]

HostPapa Explains: WordPress Widgets

WordPress widgets are blocks that help you add functionalities and content to your WordPress site. Each widget usually has a specific function of making it easier for you to design elements or add features to your WordPress site, without needing any coding knowledge. How can WordPress Widgets Help You? Widgets […]

HostPapa Explains: WordPress Taxonomy

In this article, you will learn what taxonomies are and how they apply to your WordPress site. If you’re new to the world of WordPress, you may be confused about the term, but it’s actually a very basic concept. In short, taxonomies help you categorize the contents of your WordPress […]

HostPapa Explains: WordPress Dashboard

Your WordPress admin dashboard, or the WP admin panel or WP Admin, is the control panel for every feature on your WordPress website. It’s the place where you create and organize content, add functionalities, manage plugins, change your theme, and much more.  The WordPress admin dashboard is the key to […]