HostPapa Explains: WordPress Tags

A WordPress tag is a tool that helps you categorize your posts. A post can contain many tags, and clicking on one of them can help you find other posts with the same tag. Unlike categories, tags are optional, so there is no need to add tags to a post […]

HostPapa Explains: WordPress Slug

A WordPress slug is the bit of text that comes after your domain name in the URL of a WordPress page. It’s the part of the URL that identifies each page on your site, except for the home. For example: As displayed in the above image, you will sometimes see […]

VPS Statement of Support

HostPapa’s mission is to help and support you throughout your journey online. Below you can find the different support services available in the three tiers of HostPapa VPS hosting. If you would like to upgrade your service tier, please open a support ticket. Click here to learn how. Self-Managed VPS […]

4 Steps to Make Your Website GDPR Compliant

The European Union released new rules related to data privacy, which came into effect on the 25th of May, 2018. You might have noticed a massive number of websites asking permission to accept their cookie policies, many Terms of Service and Privacy Policy updates flooding your inbox. All of this […]

How to set up a GDPR compliant contact form

How to set up a GDPR compliant contact form To comply with the EU GDPR requirements, you have to obtain consent from your customers whenever you collect personal information. Hence, a GDPR compliant form needs to be added to your website if you collect data such as names, email addresses, […]