How to backup a Joomla! site or restore a Joomla! .jpa archive

Keeping good backups of your Joomla! site is an important task for any site administrator; it will let you restore your site if it’s ever corrupted. One good option for managing your Joomla! site backups is Akeeba Backup. It creates a single zip file archive of all your database and site files.

How to install Akeeba Backup

  • There are free (core)  and commercial (professional) versions of the extension, see the Joomla! Extensions Directory (JED) for more details. Choose the version you need, then download and save it to your desktop
  • Login to backend of your site
  • Go to Extensions > Manage > Install
  • From the Upload Package File tab, locate and select the Akeeba zip file you saved to your desktop
  • Click the ‘Upload and Install’ button
  • After successfully installing the Akeeba Backup extension, go to Components > Akeeba Backup and click the green Configuration Wizard button. This automatic configuration runs a number of benchmark tests and configures some options of the extension based on the specifics of your server.
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