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Redirecting to Wix

  There are two ways to redirect a domain name to Wix. Either can be done with a HostPapa account, but there are some things to remember ... Read more
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Setting up a parked domain

Parked domains are domain names that point to your main domain. Your main domain and parked domain share the same web pages. Parked domains do not ... Read more
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What is a ccTLD?

Top-level domains (TLDs) are the last part of an Internet address. For instance, in the TLD is .com. A country code top-level domain ( ... Read more
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What is a domain extension?

A domain extension refers to the last part of a web address. So for instance in, it would be .com. This section can also be referred to as ... Read more
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What is a domain name?

Simply put, domain names make it easier to locate different web addresses on the Internet. Think of a domain name as a nickname for an IP address. ... Read more
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