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Creating Links

Note: This article refers to websites created using HostPapa Website Builder Tutorial: Creating Links HTML links (also called hyperlinks) are ... Read more
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Email troubleshooting

If you are having difficulties receiving emails set up through your HostPapa account, here are some troubleshooting tips: Check your webmail First ... Read more
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FTP tips / common problems

There are many FTP programs available to help you upload files to your website. You may encounter difficulties regardless of the program you choose ... Read more
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HostPapa and CGI Scripts

HostPapa fully supports CGI scripts. Setting up a contact form is roughly divided into two parts. The first part is the HTML source code that ... Read more
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HostPapa and JSP support

HostPapa does not support any type of Java Servlets at this time due to our shared hosting environment. However, Java applets that run in the user' ... Read more
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