Domain Registration and Transferring: .CO.UK, .ORG.UK & .ME.UK



Anyone can register the CO.UK, .ORG.UK, .ME.UK. TLDs regardless of where they live.


Before you submit to transfer your .uk domain name to HostPapa, please do the following:

Contact your current provider and ask them to change the IPS tag to PROMOPEOPLE. Some providers will do this through a control panel, but others will need a fax, email or letter to carry out the change.

If you are not able to contact the current IPS tag holder, or if the tag holder will not change the tag, you can ask Nominet UK to change the tag for you. They will attempt to contact the tag holder for your domain. If they do not receive a satisfactory reply, they will change the tag themselves. The procedure for doing this can be found on Nominet’s website here. There may be reasons why your current registrar will not change the tag, such as contractual obligations (ie: a transfer out fee). In these situations Nominet will not override any such agreements between you and your current registrar.

Please note: .UK domains can be transferred even if they have expired, however it is advisable that you have at least 2 weeks registration remaining on the domain name.

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