How to enable AbanteCart payments modules

To enable credit and debit card transaction processing for your AbanteCart store, alongside a range of other payment options, you will need to enable one or more payment gateways in the AbanteCart administration dashboard.

Stripe and PayPal are two popular service providers that have payment modules available for AbanteCart. However, a wide range of alternative gateways can also be integrated via third-party extensions.

You can find out more about integrating PayPal payments in your AbanteCart store by reading this HostPapa knowledge base article: How to install the PayPal extension in AbanteCart. Read on to discover how to install and enable other gateway providers.

Installing payment modules

In the admin dashboard, head to Extensions > Payments, where you can review a list of modules supplied by AbanteCart’s developers.

Payment Extensions

To install a module, click the Play button adjacent to the gateway you wish to select.

Once installed, the module configuration page will open. Work through the settings, selecting the relevant options for your store. Some modules may have multiple pages to complete – look for the navigation tabs above the list of settings.

Payment configuration page tabs

Once you have completed configuration, click Save to continue.

Finding additional payment extensions

Use the Extensions Marketplace button to search for additional shipping modules supplied by third-party developers.

Extensions Marketplace button

Once purchased, these modules can be downloaded and installed like any other AbanteCart extensions.

Extensions Marketplace

To find out more about downloading and installing AbanteCart extensions, head to this HostPapa knowledge base document: How to install an AbanteCart extension.

For further questions or if you need help, please open a support ticket from your HostPapa Dashboard. Follow this link to learn how.

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