How to fix the “Cannot verify identity” notice in Apple Mail

If you see a notice message in Apple Mail,  that states the identity of “mail.yourdomain.tld” cannot be verified, this article will guide you on how to fix it.

The identity cannot be verified

Method 1: Preferred so that you do not face any inconvenience in the future.

Once you receive the notice message as shown in the screen capture above, click the Show Certificate button to the left and you will be taken to the SSL certificate overview page.

Expand the Trust option and you will see several available selections in three different drop down menus. Select the first drop down menu and choose “Always Trust” which should stop the notice prompts from occurring, the other two drop down menus will then auto populate to Always Trust.


Once your selection has been made, click Connect. Your connection is still secure, the SSL Certificate is simply expecting the server hostname rather than your mail.yourdomain.tld. We are testing methods of avoiding this notice being given entirely, but we do not presently have an ETA.

Method 2/Alternative: Use this method if you are unable to select “Connect, Accept, or Continue” to bypass the notice message.

Open your Mac Mail application and look in the upper right hand corner of your screen for the “Mail” option in the menu which you will need to select and then choose “Accounts” from the menu it presents. Select the email account you are having trouble with in the left hand menu of the following page and then click the Advanced button.


Here you will change the IMAP or POP3 hostname from mail.yourdomain.tld to the server hostname provided in your welcome email. For example, was using, but needed to change it to instead with the hp001 portion updated to be the actual server number as provided in your welcome email:


Once this is done and the settings have been saved, exit the Accounts section and then click on “Mail” once more in the upper left hand menu and choose “Preferences”, from that window choose “Accounts” and then look for the second to the last option “Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):” and select from the drop down menu “Edit SMTP Server List”


Once it loads down bottom of that page you should see “Server Name” which needs to be changed from mail.yourdomain.tld to the server hostname provided in your welcome email. If you do not know your server hostname, our support team can provide that to you.


Please note if you need additional assistance with this such as the hostname for your server/account or if you need any help, please open a support ticket from your HostPapa Dashboard. More details on how to open a support ticket can be found here.

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