How to generate a CSR (certificate signing request) for your domain

You can generate a CSR for your domain from your cPanel.

Here’s how:

  1. Log in to cPanel through your dashboard:

  1. Click on My cPanel. If you have more than one domain associated with your HostPapa account, click on the appropriate domain link, then enter your cPanel password if required.

  2. From the Security section, click on SSL/TLS Manager.

  3. Click on Private Keys (KEY).

  4. Scroll down to Generate a New Key and select the domain you want the certificate for in the dropdown menu.

  5. Click on Generate.

  6. Click Return to SSL Manager.

  7. Click on Certificate Signing Requests (CSR).

  8. Fill in the form under Generate a New Certificate Signing Request:

– Country: 2-character country code (Canada is CA)
– State: Province or State name (cannot be abbreviated)
– City (cannot be abbreviated)
– Company: company name or “none” (do not leave empty)
– Company division: company division name or “none” (do not leave empty)
– Email: a valid email address
– Passphrase: (max 20 characters)

Note: Do not use special characters in the company, company division, or passphrase fields. The following characters are not supported by all signing authorities: “.,;[email protected]#$%^&!*)(-+= <>?/:

  1. Click on Generate.

  2. Copy and paste the new CSR (an example of what the text looks like is below) into a plain text file. You will use this text during your purchase/update of your SSL certificate.

MIIB3zCCAUgCAQAwgZ4xCzAJBgNVBAYTAlVTMRAwDgYDVQQIEwdHZW9yZ2lhMRAw DgYDVQQHEwdBdGxhbnRhMREwDwYDVQQKEwhHZW9DZXJ0czEaMBgGA1UECxMRSW5l cm5ldCBNYXJrZXRpbmcxGTAXBgNVBAMTEHd3dy5nZW9jZXJ0cy5jb20xITAfBgkq hkiG9w0BCQEWEmFkbWluQGdlb2NlcnRzLmNvbTCBnzANBgkqhkiG9w0BAQEFAAOB jQAwgYkCgYEA5KOi+RnRzBuBQeFYjrwZg1sfT7zr4L8j0Khuoj621x+lGBmFC76c kGclUIQBmuyp9T9NrNqAjGtEmgdFr6cWLJtgXgi+BaZDLX9BMYF49NuTggNoEUMX crQRAENHb2YthG2SEcF5p98RNcDPzWOA3a4AMvgkxDlDGYUhbcQhnt0CAwEAAaAA MA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBBAUAA4GBAIapt6Tw0BTYUwEAX0/oKvaaN/ghErR85jdW7xOD b1hL0yNfb495A7e/IQyBEP5a/v+QUOtibHS4geiPhH9etAI+DSQmctjbf6dMGJql gCXGwlsTbjPOSmNT+/X2Uvf1BlplwqAMDghEuFHsjshlypz1NEg94ri2K9N1VrBs +iAv

  1. After you have obtained the certificate from the issuing authority, submit a ticket so we can install the certificate for you. To submit a ticket, please follow these steps:

1. Log in to your HostPapa dashboard:

2. Click on My Support.

3. Click on the Open New Ticket tab.

4. Your Name and Email Address will be prepopulated.

5. Enter a Subject, choose the Department you wish to submit the ticket to and enter the Ticket Details.

6. If required, you may also add an attachment.

 7. Click the Submit button.

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