How to handle your Cloudflare account if you change hosting providers

If you are changing hosting providers, you can keep your current Cloudflare account and update the IP information under Cloudflare DNS Settings. All of the information in your Analytics and Threat Control will not be affected. If you are a Business Pro or Reseller client and have been using Cloudflare Railgun, you will no longer have it as a service unless your new registrar also supports Railgun.

If you are currently using Cloudflare through one of Cloudflare’s hosting partners and leaving the hosting provider, you need to disable Cloudflare from your control panel. Once you are set up with your new hosting provider, for example, HostPapa, you can enable Cloudflare right from your HostPapa control panel (cPanel). If you left your hosting provider without disabling Cloudflare first, you would need to contact Cloudflare directly. If you disable Cloudflare and re-sign up for it, the information in your Analytics and Threat Control will restart. The data cannot be merged.

If you need help with your HostPapa account, please open a support ticket from your dashboard.

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