How to make your transfer to HostPapa as seamless as possible

Your move to HostPapa should be relatively painless if you follow this checklist:

Note: updating any admin contact information at this stage may lock the domain for an additional period of time and prevent the immediate transfer. It’s advisable to make updates once the transfer has been completed See ICANN’s new transfer policy here.

  1. Make sure not to cancel your old web hosting account right away.

  1. Set up your email addresses on our servers to match what you had previously.

    Instructions on how to set up email addresses in cPanel:

    Video tutorial for setting up an email account in cPanel:

  1. Upload your site’s files into your new /public_html directory.  As your domain name is not yet connected to your HostPapa account, you will need to use the IP address provided in your Welcome email.  Here are some instructional articles that may help:

    Transferring your files to your HostPapa account:

    File transfer settings for Addon domains:

    Note: If you want an easy way to know when the transfer is complete, simply change one tiny thing on your site that only you would know about, so that when this change appears, you’ll know your domain has finished moving over.

  1. Change the DNS settings with your registrar.  You can also request a domain transfer at [email protected]

    Changing your DNS settings:

    Tutorial videos for changing DNS entries:

Once your new DNS settings go into effect, your HostPapa website will appear on the Internet and your HostPapa-based email accounts will start working automatically.

Please note that these instructions will work only with primary domain names.  Since addon domain names cannot be connected to a HostPapa account until the DNS entries are changed (and the changes go into effect), there is no way to avoid downtime when transferring over websites for addon domains.  However, we do have an article about how to reduce your downtime:

Need more help? Please open a support ticket here:

Support ticket tips/info:

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