How to install AbanteCart manually

To manually install AbanteCart, simply follow these instructions:

Note: Your HostPapa cPanel provides a fast and easy-to-use tool for installing AbanteCart. Log into your cPanel and scroll down to the Softaculous Apps Installer. Then click AbanteCart and follow the prompts to complete a full installation of AbanteCart on your HostPapa account.

How to manually install AbanteCart

  1. Download the AbanteCart software ZIP archive.
  2. Unpack the ZIP archive.
  3. In the unzipped directory is a subdirectory named public_html. Using FTP or SFTP, upload all files and subdirectories in the local public_html directory to the directory where you want to install AbanteCart on your HostPapa account (you must create this directory before uploading).
  4. Once the upload is complete, use the cPanel File Manager or FTP to set file permissions as follows:
    chmod 0755 system/config.php
    chmod 0755 system/
    chmod 0755 system/cache/
    chmod 0755 system/logs/
    chmod 0755 image/
    chmod 0755 image/thumbnails/
    chmod 0755 download/
    chmod 0755 extensions/
    chmod 0755 admin/system/backup/ (if exist)
    chmod 0755 resources/
  5. If you have not yet created a MySQL user, do so using the cPanel in your HostPapa account.
  6. Create a MySQL database using your cPanel. You can use either the MySQL Database Wizard (recommended) or manually use the MySQL Databases tool. Make careful note of the database name, the hostname, the user name, and the user’s password before proceeding.
  7. You are now ready to install AbanteCart manually. Run the installation script as follows:
    1. Use your web browser to navigate to the upload location of your AbanteCart directory. For example, if you uploaded the AbanteCart files to a directory called mycart, point your web browser to
    2. Installation starts automatically. Begin by accepting the license agreement.
    3. The installer then checks the compatibility of your system software with the AbanteCart software. If you have issues during the compatibility check, contact HostPapa.
    4. Once the compatibility check is complete, the installer requests your MySQL database installation parameters. Enter the following: Database Driver: Leave as is.
      Database Host: localhost.
      Database Username: The username for the MySQL database you created above.
      Database Password: The password for the database you created above.
      Database Name: The name of the database you created above.
      Database Table Names Prefix: Leave blank.
      Admin section unique key: Used to create a URL for access to the AbanteCart Administrator Login Panel. The URL points to the directory in which you uploaded the AbanteCart files. In our example, this is The unique key is a sequence of alphanumeric characters unique to your installation. Use a mix of letters and numbers to create a unique key of no more than eight characters. Example: If you enter admin123 as the unique key, you’ll access the AbanteCart administrator panel at Note: Bookmark this URL!
      Admin username: Enter an administrator login name for the Admin Panel.
      Password: Enter the administrator password you wish to use to access your Admin Panel.
      Admin E-Mail: Enter an email address. The admin e-mail address is used in a variety of areas, including contact forms and company email.
    5. Once you’ve completed entering the database info, you’ll be prompted whether to install demo data (orders, categories, banners, etc.). Click Install Demo Data if you want to load the demo data.
    6. Installation completes, and the Installation Completion screen displays. Once done, bookmark the administrator panel URL.
    7. Delete the install directory from your AbanteCart upload directory.
    8. Set the remaining AbanteCart directory permissions to 755.
    9. Set the remaining AbanteCart file permissions to 644.

If you need help with your HostPapa account, please open a support ticket from your dashboard.

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