Should you install a tracking code for your AdGuru Campaign?

Once you’ve set up your AdGuru account, we’ll invite you to add a tracking code to your website. The tracking code is a short snippet of Javascript code that allows us to produce insights that can be used to optimise your campaigns.

Once the code has been installed, AdGuru receives tracking data from your website, telling us how visitors behaved when visiting. You’ll be able to see which pages visitors browsed, whether they accomplished specific goals (such as a purchase, download or form submission) and identify how those visitors arrived at your site.

Together, this data helps us understand which ads are really driving traffic and sales to your site. We can use that insight to predict what other visitors will do. Additionally, we can identify those users making multiple visits to your website.

Let’s imagine that you own a website selling coffee pods. A visitor searches for pods in their favorite search engine, sees your advert and clicks on it. They browse your site for a while and decide to come back later to complete a purchase.

They visit the site again the next day, but clicked on a different ad this time. They purchase a set of 24 pods, so the sale is converted. But which ad really made the difference? Without analytics (and the tracking code), you won’t be able to say – with accuracy.

But with the tracking code installed, you can identify that the user initially visited, having been attracted to the first advert. That’s the ad that made the difference even though the purchase is attached to the second ad click.

With the tracking code installed, you can see:

  • Which of your ads is generates the most visits.
  • Which page of your website visitors spend most time on.
  • How many returning visits to the website it takes before purchases are made.

Your AdGuru specialist analyses this data on your behalf to generate recommendations and corrective actions to optimise your campaigns.

For further questions, or if you need help, please open a support ticket from your HostPapa Dashboard. Follow this link to learn how:


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