How to setup mail in Joomla!

To configure your Joomla! mail settings:

  • Log in to the backend of your site
  • Go to System > Global Configuration then open the Server tab
  • Make sure Send Mail is Yes
  • Set detail for From email and From name

You have different options for the Mailer.

  • PHP Mail is easy and should work for you out of the box; the only downside is that PHP mail is easy to spoof so there’s a risk that your message could be flagged as spam by the recipient








  • You can also configure Joomla! to send messages using SMTP. This is more reliable and sent mail should appear in your SMTP account. Exact settings will depend on account details from your email provider, the following is an example you can use for Gmail or Google Business Apps

Mailer: SMTP
SMTP host:
SMTP Port 465
SMTP Security: SSL/TLS
SMTP Authentication: Yes
SMTP username: your gmail username
SMTP password: your gmail password
















  • Note that you can check if your settings are correct by clicking the Send Test Mail button
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