Support options available through HostPapa for Google Workspace customers

Buying Google Workspace from HostPapa gives you the best value for your money. Not only will you receive everything Google will offer – but you’ll also receive setup and deployment assistance, round-the-clock services, support, training, and much more.

Google Workspace from HostPapa gives you the complete package: the Google Workspace comprehensive suite of tools, plus HostPapa’s commitment to small business innovation and customer service excellence.

Our support program

Included with Google Workspace from HostPapa is our comprehensive support program. Our PapaSquad Google Workspace Experts will help you set up and deploy your Google Workspace account.  If you like, you can easily add the Data Migration service through our PapaSquad, to make your transition even easier. Our support program offers a completely personalized approach to support. Our customer resources also include an extensive resource knowledgebase, a ticketed support system, and 24/7 PapaSquad Google Workspace Experts. This is our team of real people you can contact to help with any problems; you can actually pick up a telephone and speak to a local expert who will talk you through exactly what you need to do! And, what’s more, you can do that 24/7/365, and in multiple languages! The other guys don’t offer that.

HostPapa’s PapaSquad Google Workspace experts live up to our reputation of excellent customer service and comprehensive assistance. Let HostPapa take care of you!

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