System requirements for Google Hangouts

When you decide to use a product, it can be extremely frustrating to learn that you are unable to use it, because your hardware does not meet the product’s requirements. Before you use Google Hangouts make sure that your devices meet the following specifications.

To use Hangouts, your computer must meet the following requirements:

Supported operating systems

Hangouts supports the current version and the 2 previous major releases of the operating systems listed below:

  • Mac OS X
  • Windows
  • Chrome
  • Ubuntu and other Debian-based Linux distributions

Supported web browsers

Hangouts supports the current version and 1 previous major release of the browsers listed below:

Camera & microphone access

You’ll need to let Hangouts use your camera and microphone when you start a video call for the first time. On Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari browsers, this includes downloading and installing the latest version of the Hangouts plugin.

Video call requirements

  • Broadband connection to the Internet
  • USB web camera or BlackMagic device
    • Other devices, like virtual cameras, may not work with Hangouts
  • Any 2 GHz dual-core processor or greater

Bandwidth for video calls

The bandwidth used by Hangouts is adaptive and will vary to provide the best experience on participants’ network.

Minimum bandwidth required

  • Outbound from the participant: 300 kbps
  • Inbound to the participant: 300 kbps

Ideal bandwidth

  • Two-person video calls:
    • Outbound from the participant: 3.2 mbps
    • Inbound to the participant: 2.6 mbps
  • Group video calls:
    • Outbound from the participant in all situations: 3.2 mbps
    • Inbound to the participant with 5 participants: 3.2 mbps
    • Inbound to the participant with 10 participants: 4.0 mbps
    • Additional inbound bandwidth is not required for more than 10 participants

If your computer meets the requirements but you’re still running into trouble with video calls, try these troubleshooting steps.


Chat messages

  • You can have a group Hangout with up to 150 people

Video calls

  • Video calls can have a maximum of 10 participants
    • G Suite: The maximum is 25 participants
  • After 2.5 hours, Hangouts will prompt you to confirm you’re still in the video call
    • G Suite: Hangouts will prompt you after 12 hours
  • To improve audio and video quality, Hangouts calls use a direct peer-to-peer connection when possible, instead of routing through a server.

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