The difference between Google Workspace from HostPapa and your existing web hosting plan

As a HostPapa customer, you have already been receiving a reliable, budget-friendly, and customer-service oriented web-hosting solution. Your existing web plan allows you to publish and manage a dynamic public website.

Now we want to help you with other business processes with a powerful web-based solution! Combining our proven commitment to customer needs and the powerful and innovative cloud computing apps, we are proud to offer Google Workspace from HostPapa.

While your existing web hosting plan is filled with powerful features – and is an asset to your business – Google Workspace from HostPapa gives you even more. It helps you with the everyday computing and collaboration tasks required for the smooth operation of your business, organization, or group. Get a professional customized email, calendar, document-creation suite, and your existing domain, all from one convenient location and from a company that you know and trust.

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