How to use calendar categories and reminders in Outlook 2016

For additional ways to organise your calendar, explore Outlook 2016’s colour categories and reminder features that will help ensure you don’t miss vital meetings.

Add a Calendar Reminder

To add a reminder to your Outlook calendar, select New Appointment or double-click on an existing appointment to edit the details.

Use the Reminder dropdown menu to choose how long before the meeting your reminder should be sent.

Reminder settings

Click Save & Close to save the appointment details.

Add a Colour Category

Colour categories can be used (on POP3 email accounts only) to highlight the importance of specific meetings or for other criteria you select. Choose Categorize from the ribbon and then one of the preset colours.

You’ll be asked to name the category, following which a colour bar will stretch across the top of the event in your calendar.

Click Save & Close to save the appointment details.

Rename Colour Categories

To make a change to your colour categories, create a new appointment or edit an existing entry in your calendar.

From the ribbon, select Categorize > All Categories.

Options available include creating a new category, renaming or deleting an existing category, changing the category colour or creating a shortcut key.

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