Why you should use Google Workspace from HostPapa instead of an onsite mail solution like Microsoft Exchange

Three words: simplicity, accessibility, and cost.

Google Workspace is easy to use

Google Workspace offers an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Minimal training will be needed for end users – and HostPapa has everything you need to make the transition.

Google Workspace is accessible anywhere, anytime

Unlike your onsite mail solution, Google email (Gmail) is available from any web browser. This includes complete access to your contacts, sent mail, archives, settings, chat window, and more. Documents and calendars are also available from any Internet-enabled device. Communication is easy – you are no longer tied down to a single desktop computer or one server.

Google Workspace will save you money

With Google Workspace, you no longer have to worry about license costs, maintaining mail servers (or server rooms), updates, and so on. There is no hardware to buy or software to upgrade. You can also let someone else – namely the experts at Google – worry about maintaining high-security standards (the top in the world) and reliability (99.9% uptime guaranteed).

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